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Hugh Chittenden has made a start to his new website which showcases his bird photography, he has just made a small start but it promises many amazing images soon.

Five years ago we started work on the Roberts Birdguide - Second Edition, I am very proud to say We done! Books should be in stores in November.

I put another 4 of the photos of Nguni cattle that I took at Lake Sibaya in the Nguni gallery.

It has taken 6 years work to get the new Roberts Geographical Variation of Southern African Birds; Bird Guide done. Its the first of its kind and should be in book stores by the end of August 2012.

I have just uploaded a new website, KwaZulu Films. KwaZulu films is Philip Gardner and Andrew Cassells website, the site is basically a directory of photos of filming locations in KwaZulu Natal.

In 2010 we spent a night at Kubu Island in the salt pans of Botswana. I photographed the baobab trees there in the short time we had.

Nguni Cattle can be very photogenic. The Hanbury-Kings live on a sugar farm outside Eshowe, they had a small nguni herd that I photographed a while back. I have uploaded six photos of their cows as well as one of their daughter Loren, my kids and their Herdsman.

I have uploaded a few commercial photos taken for Brett Gehren from the Isibindi Africa Lodges group. I have done interior and exterior photos of the 5 lodges as well as activity shots for them for advertising either print or web. I also do the website.

Today I also added a few more photos of Eshowe to this page.

Royal Drive that goes through the Dlinza Forest in Eshowe was the perfect back drop for these photos of friends of our Rob Adams and his daughter Juliet.

On the 30th of August I photographed Clint and Robynne Chrystals' wedding, it was a small wedding at Zinkwazi Beach. I have posted a few shots here.

Its been a very busy two months and havn't photographed much besides some frogs both at Bonamanzi and in Eshowe. Here a small gallery of them are.

Its almost Christmas! All the best to all my readers I know (and don't) for this festive season.

I have started a gallery which I will add to as I can of Eshowe and its surrounding areas, so far just the two Eshowe dams and one panaramic view of Geodetrou are up.

I added another 4 cattle photos to this page. They were taken on a trip to Botswana at Lake Ngami.

I have uploaded 4 Nguni Cattle photos I took at Lake Sibaya. I will add other nguni pics in time.

I have started updating my Gallery with a few black and white images I took at Mabibi which is up the North coast - northern Zululand, they are of the locals there ...

I have finally got around to giving my site a little face lift and adding some stuff to it, just the beginning ...